Riverbed SteelCentral


Application Performance Management Software

Get full visibility and diagnostics across your distributed and dynamic applications, networks and infrastructure, both on and off the cloud. Riverbed's unique big data approach to APM gives you complete insight - with full details of every user's transactions, for any app, at any scale. Understand the impact on end user experience with true end-to-end monitoring from the user's device through the back end, and apply advanced analytics and machine learning to APM big data to resolve issues before the business is impacted.

SteelCentral Aternity

Close the IT Monitoring Visibility Gap

Monitor the end user experience of every enterprise app in your portfolio, running on any physical, virtual, or mobile device. SteelCentral Aternity enables you to rapidly diagnose and resolve end user issues and optimize the productivity of your tech-dependent workforce.

If your IT monitoring tools show that everything is green but your workforce is still complaining, you have an IT monitoring “Visibility Gap” between what your domain-specific monitoring tools are telling you and what your users are experiencing.

Other technologies only extrapolate, emulate, or estimate what the end user sees. This gap creates problems for IT and the business. SteelCentral Aternity closes the IT monitoring Visibility Gap with accurate, real-time information about how end users actually experience and interact with their applications, devices, and network.

SteelCentral AppInternals

Cloud-Native. Scalable. High-definition APM.

Application environments are changing. Microservices deployed in containers across dynamic cloud infrastructure have created a transient, distributed environment at a scale we have never seen before. As a result, the old ways of scaling Application Performance Monitoring (APM)—sampled transactions, incomplete traces, low-resolution metrics—are no longer working. The detail that matters is lost and this is becoming painfully obvious as the environment grows more complex and the APM tools in place fail to diagnose why crucial business applications are still slow or stalling.

Riverbed's big data technology for APM gives you complete insight, with full diagnostic detail for every transaction, at any scale. AppInternals captures all transactions, and their associated end user, trace, log, network and payload data, down to deep levels of user code, along with fine-grained infrastructure metrics—even in large-scale overhead-sensitive enterprise production environments—to deliver a unified monitoring solution fully adapted to today’s hyperscale cloud-native applications. And its powerful analytics extract business-relevant insight so you never miss a performance problem.

With SteelCentral AppInternals, you will be able to:
• Speed mean time to resolution and mitigate the business impact of performance issues
• Release high-quality applications and accelerate the DevOps to production lifecycle
• Improve business and IT staff productivity



SteelCentral AppResponse

Packets provide definitive answers

The network is the only thing that connects all digital transactions.  SteelCentral™ AppResponse delivers full stack application analysis—from packets to pages – letting you observe all network and application interactions as they cross the wire. Using powerful, flexible network and application analytics and workflows AppResponse speeds problem diagnosis and resolution,  helping you get to answers fast.

Cloud ready

Available as an appliance, virtual machine, or AWS cloud-ready solution, SteelCentral AppResponse combines network forensics, application analytics, and end-user experience monitoring in a single solution. This means everything is at your fingertips when an issue arises, regardless of where it occurs in the network – data center, branch office, cloud or hybrid environment.

Modular design

Modular in design, SteelCentral AppResponse lets you select only the analysis capabilities you need:

Network forensics – Included with your appliance, it provides advanced packet analysis with 1-second granular displays, microsecond resolution, and deep packet inspection.

Application metrics – Continuously calculates 60+ TCP and UDP metrics, including response time, and aggregates traffic by apps, users, servers, clients, etc. so you get fast answers about app performance without having to access the packets as often.

Web transaction analysis – Real-time monitoring of web transactions, it auto-discovers all URLs and end-user activity. View end-user experience for web pages as well as page errors, page rates, unique users, and more.

Database analysis – Monitors database transactions and user activity 24x7. It recognizes major SQL databases on all network addresses and ports and acquires database sessions, SQL queries, stats and timing info.

Unified Communications analysis – Real-time and historical analysis of voice and video call performance with the ability to drill into the underlying problem. Understand the interaction of voice and data traffic.

Reduce the finger pointing

Because AppResponse can be used by many roles within IT —NetOps, security, App Ops, IT management, and line of business—to reduce the finger-pointing. By using a common data set, all team members are on the same page when troubleshooting Sev-1 issues during cross-functional “tiger” team meetings.  And, who knows, it might just eliminate them altogether!

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